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Partnership Insurance is a form of Life Insurance that provides compensation to the remaining Partner in this event in order to allow them to buy the deceased person’s share of the partnership from their next-of-kin.
April 12, 2021
Featured image for “A Great Financial Planner and a Golf Caddy”
In the week that’s in it for golf nerds I thought that I would highlight the role that a great Financial Planner carries out is something akin to that of a what a great Professional Golf Caddy does. For those who aren’t tuned into Sky Sports Golf over the last few days the 2021 Masters is being held this week in Augusta, Georgia and only the world’s best golfers are invited to participate. Included in this year’s golfers are our own Rory McIlroy and Shane Lowry.
April 9, 2021
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In the midst of running your business it is all too easy to overlook performing due diligence on the very asset that keeps all of the above in check, you. This is where the need for a life assurance business arrangement comes into play and while there are a number of structures that can be enacted, for the purpose of simplicity, Corporate Co-Director Insurance is also referred to as shareholder protection.
March 24, 2021
Featured image for “Keyperson Insurance for your key people”
In order for any business to ‘keep going’ it needs to ensure that its key people are properly motivated and remunerated for the expertise, value, and insight that they add. But what happens if those key people can’t keep ‘going’? If their stopping has major financial and operational ramifications for the business. If that person became seriously ill or even passed away suddenly, what safeguards do you have in place? Thankfully, this gap can be bridged to compensate for these unknowns by taking out Keyperson Insurance on those key members of staff that are critical to your business’ success.
March 17, 2021
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Being Widowed. When a spouse passes away their financial dealings need to be organised. In some cases they will have held a number of pensions with various employers over their lifetime. They often have more than one bank account, in a few cases a second home, investments, company shares, life assurance policies, and unfortunately debts that may have accrued, large or small.
March 10, 2021
Featured image for “Davy Scandal, a Trusted Financial Adviser?”
In the past week, Irish financial circles have been rocked by the Central Bank of Ireland fining Davy Stockbrokers €4.13 million for breaching market rules in 2014 through a transaction that involved its senior management, many of whom are still in leadership roles there. Within its current website, Davy states that it “is a trusted market leader in wealth management and capital markets, building rewarding relationships that last. At Davy, it’s not just business, it’s personal.”
March 6, 2021
Featured image for “Sudden Money and what to do with it”
Receiving a windfall from an inheritance, a legal settlement, a gift, or winnings naturally lends itself to exuberance and disbelief. Likewise, to receive sudden money is rightly a time to express joy and many find it difficult to contain themselves, often sharing their good news with friends and family such
March 2, 2021
Featured image for “The Australian Super Pension and Ireland”
Ireland’s last census in 2016 by the CSO provided a lot of incite into ‘the Irish abroad’ as the term is often put, particularly our Irish expat’s in Australia. The land down under has been good to our people with many reporting lifestyle and living standard improvements as well as
February 24, 2021
Featured image for “Wealth Check-up or Health Check-up?”
This might seem like a rather silly title for any article since nearly everyone would probably subscribe to putting the state of their personal health before that of what money they have. And so it should be. I, too, would agree with health before wealth. But, could it be time for
February 10, 2021