May 1, 2022

How a Mortgage Lender Assesses An Application

A home mortgage is likely to be the biggest financial transaction in your life. As such you need to be sure that it is the best fit for your circumstances and that you get the best deal possible. From the lender’s perspective they will assess you on a number of key areas, namely: Your credit history Your savings history Your…
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Getting Ready to Apply For A Mortgage Buying a new home is probably the biggest and most exciting financial decision you will ever make. For many people it is also the first time that they will start thinking about a home mortgage. Apart from picking out your dream home, it
April 1, 2022
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The Overview of The Intended Scheme Last Tuesday, 29th March 2022, the Minister for Social Protection, Heather Humphreys, announced the unveiling of the first pension auto-enrolment scheme in Ireland with a target roll out date of Q1 2024. It is estimated that this scheme will cost the State almost €3
March 31, 2022
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Like all of you, we continue to be shocked by Russia’s ongoing war on Ukraine and my thoughts are with those whose lives have been so grossly affected. Indeed, the international public response across Europe to assist those caught up in this conflict has been extremely heartening but much more
March 14, 2022
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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in the last week has consumed traditional media and social media. This is as it should be considering the nature of the events and the clearly terrible consequences that it is having on the Ukrainian people themselves. From the broader perspective these events effect the world
February 28, 2022
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It’s that time of the year again. Later on this week you will likely be sitting at a Christmas table overflowing with Turkey and trimmings and opening that bottle you’ve kept tucked away while reacquainting yourself with your living room. On the other hand, you may be the more physically
December 20, 2021
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If the Covid-19 pandemic has thought us anything over the last two years, it is the importance of planning. Billions globally could never have envisioned that our lives and economies would be shut down temporarily by the news that the virus had reached our own country’s shores. Depending on the
November 8, 2021
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The recently announced 2022 Budget, following the release of a better-than-expected economic forecast, was met with the usual media fanfare and analyst coverage that we have come to expect of the Minister of Finances coup de maître moment. It was a generous budget when viewed in the backdrop of the
October 25, 2021
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When you think of the phrase “Investing is a game of risk and reward” what springs to mind? For some this will conjure up memories of the 1929 Wall Street crash, for others it will remind them of their last pension valuation report perhaps or a personal business venture they
October 1, 2021
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In recent weeks we have received a number of phone calls from clients who have deposit accounts with either Ulster Bank or KBC. With the imminent departure of these banks from the Irish banking scene many have sought out our advice as to what to do with these deposits. In
September 17, 2021