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Ireland’s last census in 2016 by the CSO provided a lot of incite into ‘the Irish abroad’ as the term is often put, particularly our Irish expat’s in Australia. The land down under has been good to our people with many reporting lifestyle and living standard improvements as well as
February 24, 2021
This might seem like a rather silly title for any article since nearly everyone would probably subscribe to putting the state of their personal health before that of what money they have. And so it should be. I, too, would agree with health before wealth. This being said, we all have
February 10, 2021
‘To Short or not to short, that is the question’ – Weary GameStop Hedge fund managers Investing, when carried out haphazardly, often leads to luck or loss, but rarely stability. As a new year begins another ripe example from a long list of ‘sure things’ presents itself on the world
February 4, 2021
At the time of writing (January 2021), unemployment in Ireland stands at 25% of the workforce due in large part to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a striking figure, one not seen in over 40 years and one that is heavily comprised sadly of redundancies. It could be a case
January 8, 2021
When I meet a prospective client one of the first areas to be discussed is what financial products they currently hold. While many people will know that they have a mortgage and its broad details, less will know about what their pension fund and investments are applied to and even fewer
December 4, 2020
The Divided States of America Leaving aside the fact that the US election has been topical for the last few months the reason why I often focus on all things American is due to the scale of its economy and its knock on impact on worldwide financial activity and, by
November 15, 2020
‘Life Insurance offers a man the only way where he can make his Will before he makes his money.’ – Unknown Author Whoever said this was right but how does it happen? How is the cost calculated? What types of cover are there? And what is the true benefit of
October 9, 2020
Having originally targeted 1,400 employee acceptances in early August 2020, Bank of Ireland made the news in September when it was revealed that some 2,000 members of staff applied for their Voluntary redundancy scheme, equating to more than 19% of their overall workforce. The departures were blamed on persistently low
September 25, 2020
As a founding member of the Society of Financial Planners of Ireland I am truly delighted to see increased media coverage of our fledgling organisation. This delight extends not from the ego trip that one might think such a name check might get but from the financial media’s recognition that far
September 8, 2020