Protection for Your Family

Family is everything. That’s why we work hard to ensure that our loved ones have everything that we can possibly provide them with now, and into the future.

 But what happens if the breadwinners die unexpectedly or have a life changing illness. Will there be enough to maintain the family lifestyle or will a bright future be replaced by a constant struggle in the times to come.

 After all, what is the point in having dreams and goals for a family only to see them curtailed or even ended dramatically when the source of funding is no longer alive or in good health?

Protection Is Part Of Your Financial Planning

The main financial tool that we recommend is the use of an appropriate insurance product that will pay out a lump sum or a regular income if our clients die or suffer a serious medical condition that interferes with their livelihood.

While every client’s circumstances differ, we always start by reviewing access to readily accessible investments or cash, adjusting for debt to banks and others and then overlaying the aspirations of our clients so as to ensure that their personal and family financial futures are not compromised.

How Family Protection Insurance Helps

Where there are shortfalls, we advise plugging gaps by using:

  • Life Assurance to clear debt and provide families with an immediate lump sum to carry on towards their shared aspirations.
  • Income Protection Cover to provide a replacement income when either an employer or the client’s own business did not pay any income to a long term sick or injured employee.
  • Specified Illness Cover to provide a lump sum in the event of a major ailment that requires our clients to take time out and review their life.

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As one of Ireland’s leading financial planning firms based in south Dublin, there’s very little we haven’t encountered to help our clients prepare for. Our experience, technical knowledge and willingness to see things from your perspective means that whatever you have in mind for you and your family’s future we can help you plan the best way to get there.

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What The Aspire Life Plan™ Provides

We look for more than the financial facts and need to understand what shapes your goals and aspirations and how you want to live your future life.
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We are a fee based financial planning firm. This means that we can focus on delivering the best advice for our clients needs and aren’t compromised by ties to financial product providers such as investment companies and pension providers.
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