Aspire Wealth Management Client Conference 24 February 2023

Following our move to new offices in Stillorgan we held a very successful client conference in the Westbury Hotel, Dublin City Centre with almost 100 people attending.

    The topics presented were:
  • Sustainable investing & impact in action
  • Financial planning and second life In retirement
  • The changing face of retirement.
The overall feedback was extremely positive and included comments such as:
We enjoyed Friday’s seminar very much and it gave us food for thought and our need to make a plan. We met some really lovely people in a similar situation as ourselves and it was lovely to discuss the ideas with them.
For many, the thoughts of listening to financial planning advice would have sent me off to sleep. But this morning's event was so well thought out, and the speakers so engaging that I found the morning very interesting and most worthwhile.
Thank you so much. We thoroughly enjoyed the presentations and found it both interesting and informative. We will schedule a follow up soon.
What I really liked was that nobody was trying to sell me anything.
The conference was excellent. We really enjoyed the presentations, really good balance, not all money focused.
A most educational morning in the Westbury - a simplified message of understanding the before, during and after that transition time of moving from a full-time role to the next phase of your life both mentally, emotionally and obviously financially - Thanks to all at Aspire Wealth Management team for organizing and inviting.
While those attending received information packs afterwards, copies of their presentations as well as a summary of their presentations are available immediately below:

Mark Bradey

Head of Operations and Distribution, PortfolioMetrix Ireland
Mark helped establish the PortfolioMetrix proposition in Ireland and currently leads the drive towards expanding its footprint in the Irish marketplace. He has worked in the financial services industry since 2003 and specifically in wealth management since 2010. He started his career working in the investment industry with Investors Bank and Trust and later State Street Corporation before moving into the area of private client wealth management and investments. Mark is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional and holds a certificate in ESG Investing from the Chartered Financial Analysts Society UK.

Mark’s Presentation - Sustainable investing and impact in action

Our planet has reached a number of tipping points, both environmentally and socially over a number of decades. Why is now an important moment to pause and consider how we can direct our own resources to make a positive impact on the planet and our society whilst at the same time aim to secure good financial returns over the long term?
The Sustainable World PortfoliosOpen .pdf file 7.5mb

Eamon Porter

Managing Director, Aspire Wealth Management
Eamon Porter is one of Ireland’s leading, as well as being among the most qualified, Financial Planners with over 35 years’ experience in a career involving life assurance companies, stockbroking and general insurance before setting up his own business as a financial planner in South Dublin. He has also held a number of leadership roles in national financial service professional bodies and has written extensively in the financial press. Eamon advises on a wide range of financial issues including investments, retirement planning, efficient tax planning and protection arrangements.

Eamon’s Presentation - Financial planning is all about people first.

Most people assume that financial planning is about money, which in a way it is. But first and foremost, it is about people and what they want to do for themselves and their family. Every personal life decision has a financial consequence. Eamon shared a lifetime’s experience of financial planning and will deal with legal, tax, investment and family issues that impact everyone on their journey through life.
The Aspire Life PlanOpen .pdf file 2.9mb

Brian Mooney

End of Career Guidance Counsellor, Standard Life
Brian Mooney is one of Ireland’s most prominent guidance counsellors and a regular media commentator. He joined Standard Life with over four decades of experience helping people to transition from one stage of their lives to another. He spent 43 years offering guidance to students at Oatlands College, Dublin and is a former President of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors and a Director of the Education Finance Board.

Brian’s Presentation - The changing face of retirement

With his decades of experience as a Guidance Counsellor and the fact that he is himself retired, Brian brings a unique perspective and skillset which helps people with their broader preparations for this significant milestone. So, they can look forward to a rewarding and fulfilling second life.
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