The 2021 Masters Aspire Wealth Management Financial Advisor Golf Caddy

A Great Financial Planner and a Golf Caddy

In the week that’s in it for golf nerds I thought that I would highlight the role that a great Financial Planner carries out is something akin to that of a what a great Professional Golf Caddy does. For those who aren’t tuned into Sky Sports Golf over the last few days the 2021 Masters is being held this week in Augusta, Georgia and only the world’s best golfers are invited to participate. Included in this year’s golfers are our own Rory McIlroy and Shane Lowry.

Davy 16 Financial Advisor

Davy Scandal, a Trusted Financial Adviser?

In the past week, Irish financial circles have been rocked by the Central Bank of Ireland fining Davy Stockbrokers €4.13 million for breaching market rules in 2014 through a transaction that involved its senior management, many of whom are still in leadership roles there. Within its current website, Davy states that it “is a trusted market leader in wealth management and capital markets, building rewarding relationships that last. At Davy, it’s not just business, it’s personal.”