August 4, 2021

Teamwork in life and in finances

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It was just before 3am on Thursday 29th July beneath the watchful gaze of the Tokyo Gate Bridge that Ireland made history again, picking up only our 10th gold medal since the modern Olympic games began in Athens in 1896. Having previously captured a silver medal four years earlier with his brother Gary in the 2016 Rio Olympics, Paul O’Donovan finally clinched the coveted gold medal with another Corkonian and fellow Skibbereen lightweight Sculls rowing teammate Fintan McCarthy. In doing so they proved once again the value and importance of Teamwork. As Henry Ford put it “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success”. The same can be said of the relationship between a client and their financial planner. Teamwork in life and in finances is where true value is harvested.  

It takes two

A Financial Planner can only truly be effective when they know the full financial and personal picture of their client. But this is not a snapshot in time. As your life evolves and matures so does the advice. As you develop your career and perhaps start a family, purchase a home, plan for childcare, college, family costs, pension planning, investments, life cover to name a few considerations, a seasoned Financial Planner is adapting your Financial Life Plan and then reviewing those changes on at least an annual basis if not more frequently.

The quality of the advice is often a reflection on the quality of the information provided and this cannot be achieved in any meaningful way without working together as a team.

Where the real work is done

Paul and Fintan were only seen by the global community for a week of races before stepping onto the podium, but the real work was put in daily, training together for hours on end and meticulously preparing how they would transition each 100 meter increment. They had a laser-focused understanding of each other’s role and the responsibilities to be carried out individually and collectively. The same is true of financial teamwork. Teamwork in life and in finances can be achieved through mutual understanding and tracking of goals.

That’s why at Aspire Wealth Management we mutually agree upon a client driven Aspire Life Plan that, only upon your full agreement, is carefully followed and reviewed. There will be tweaks along the way, but the roadmap is clear and in similar fashion to the 100 meter increment shifts, the payoffs are mile stoned along the way so that you can tangibly see your progress.

What is your gold medal?  

Whether your goals involve a predefined pension pot upon retirement, the accrual of investment profits or ensuring your family are cared for financially in your absence, your personal gold medal ambition is achievable with Teamwork. At Aspire Wealth Management our approach will give you the confidence to build the financial lifestyle you desire and importantly keep you on course to see it across the finish line.

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