Featured image for “Divorce with a clear set of eyes”
The recent high-profile divorces of two of the world’s richest men, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, have shown if there was any doubt before, that divorce knows no boundaries and can impact anyone at any level of society. It is impartial but not impersonal. There is a lot of emotion
September 13, 2021
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Acronyms, they are everywhere. Depending on your life stage, profession, or hobbies, you may view one set of letters as having a completely different meaning to that of your son or daughter for example. Our LOL (lots of love) is not their LOL (Laugh out loud), and your POS (point
September 6, 2021
Featured image for “Group Risk Protection, all covered”
There have been many onset issues that have stemmed from the pandemic since it made its global presence known in early 2020. Several lessons have and will be learnt but perhaps the greatest of all lessons will be that life is fragile. Things that we took for granted we can
September 2, 2021
Featured image for “Give Income Protection its rightful place”
People are sometimes funny. We often ‘put the cart before the horse’ but expect the horse to continue plodding along as normal. The French writer Voltaire put it best when he said, “Common sense is not so common”. A classic example of this would be Insurance. It seems barely a
August 16, 2021
Featured image for “Pre-sale planning when exiting your business”
Planning. It’s a word all too familiar to Business owners and one often found wanting throughout the busyness of our working and personal lives. Similar to time, we never quite have enough of it and never quite feel we made the best use of it when we did. If you
August 12, 2021
Featured image for “Exiting a business with a Directors Pension”
A recent 2020 survey by AIB’s Business banking division found that 32% of all Irish SME owners presently operating are likely to exit their businesses within the next five years. This is no small figure, and it raises a number of questions not least about the economic impact of such
August 9, 2021
Featured image for “Teamwork in life and in finances”
It was just before 3am on Thursday 29th July beneath the watchful gaze of the Tokyo Gate Bridge that Ireland made history again, picking up only our 10th gold medal since the modern Olympic games began in Athens in 1896. Having previously captured a silver medal four years earlier with
August 4, 2021
Featured image for “Finding a Good Investment Guru”
What makes a good financial prophet? Predicting investment returns is akin to make weather forecasts. While you might get a sense of what might happen over the next few days, further out is totally impossible and the real experience can be totally random on any given day.
May 10, 2021
Featured image for “Pension Funds and Fees”
Last week there was extensive media coverage of a report that, at a very high level, seemed to imply that pension funds are charging 3% p.a. in fees and are putting pension plan holders’ future pension pots in jeopardy as a result. For my own part a number of my own clients reached out to me and enquired as to whether this report was relevant to them and how much fees where they themselves paying.
April 25, 2021