Corporate Co-Director's Insurance Aspire Wealth management Dublin Ireland

Corporate Co-Director Insurance

In the midst of running your business it is all too easy to overlook performing due diligence on the very asset that keeps all of the above in check, you.

This is where the need for a life assurance business arrangement comes into play and while there are a number of structures that can be enacted, for the purpose of simplicity, Corporate Co-Director Insurance is also referred to as shareholder protection.

Keyperson Insurance Aspire Wealth Management

Keyperson Insurance for your key people

In order for any business to ‘keep going’ it needs to ensure that its key people are properly motivated and remunerated for the expertise, value, and insight that they add. But what happens if those key people can’t keep ‘going’? If their stopping has major financial and operational ramifications for the business. If that person became seriously ill or even passed away suddenly, what safeguards do you have in place?
Thankfully, this gap can be bridged to compensate for these unknowns by taking out Keyperson Insurance on those key members of staff that are critical to your business’ success.