June 22, 2020

High Net Worth Divorce

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Taking sides

Without wishing to take sides, as all marriage breakdowns have their own unique circumstances, it sometimes transpires that one side quite often has a significantly unfair advantage in understanding the combined moving parts of investment assets, investment products, risk and reward trade-offs as well as the broader tax and legal issues associated with them. A High Net Worth Divorce often has more complex considerations to assess.

The financial aspect

In many cases, however, we often find ourselves working with the spouse who has had the lesser interaction with financial matters. It is also the area where we can bring the most value to our clients and we do this by educating our clients as to the options open to them as well as any possible financial consequences that might arise.

Tax and legal considerations

We often find that with a High-Net-Worth divorce, family circumstances tax and legal issues are areas of significant impact and one where financial planners need to collaborate with other professional advisers both prior to the eventual divorce as well as afterwards when the final Decree of Divorce is granted. We also help address both short term and long term cashflow scenarios as well as assisting in the area of asset valuations, evaluating family insurance protection needs and determining pension fund splits.

The Ultimate aim

What, however, is most important to us is being attuned to our clients’ emotional stress while still prioritising their financial objectives during divorce negotiations in helping them set realistic targets. The ultimate aim is for our clients to be left with a clear vision of what their wealth pathway looks like once their divorce is finalised. Otherwise, as the saying goes, unless you know where you are going, any road will do!

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