The Aspire Wealth Mentoring Program is our unique financial planning system that allows our clients to fully appreciate and understand what is important to them now and what will be important to them in the future.

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In trying to plan for the future our starting point is always our clients past. We need to understand how life has brought them to the time when we are advising them and how their attitudes towards financial matters have been formed.

As part of our unique process we use the Financial DNA™ profiling system which allows us to identify a person’s hard wired natural behaviour and in particular their attitude towards financial matters.   From this we find quite often, in family financial matters, that different perspectives abound. This can mean taking considerable time to built a consensus for the future  among the family unit before attempting to put financial products in place.

Our rule of thumb is that 95% of good financial planning is spent determining the financial dreams and attitudes of our clients, the last 5% is simply putting financial product in place.