We are no ordinary financial planning business. Many of the tools we use are not utilised by other advisers in the Irish market place. Apart from specific quotation systems, some of which of available through this website, we also employ particular methodologies which have either given us a  unique insight to our clients or allowed us to deliver a valuable service to them.

Financial DNA™

Click here to visit Financial DNAVital to our unique financial planning process is our committment to know our clients financial preferences better than they might know them, themselves. Central to this is the use of the Financial DNA Corelife™ profile or the Communication DNA™ profile, both products of DNA Behavior™, the world’leading exponent of pyschometric evaluation for financial advisers.

These methodologies allow us to identify our clients natural hard wire behaviour and, specifically, their outlook with regard to money especially in times of crisis. We have found this approach to be exceptionally useful when dealing with multiple related clients, whether they are related to each other by family or business or even both. By sharing our own personal profiles we have also allowed our clients to understand us better and why we, ourselves, approach our work in our own way.

Family Office Network™

Click here to visit Family Office NetworkFor those clients that require online access to all their important documents for financial products arranged through us as well as having copies of important documents such as passports, driving licences, tax returns, financial accounts, medical records and anything else that may need instant access we have the answer.

Family Office Network™ is one of the world’s leading file managers offering Customised file vaults for document storage and delivery needs as well as Total Aggregation of all an individuals files for ease of access by both clients and their various advisers.

Apart from using these systems we also represent DNA Behavior™  and Family Office Network™ in Ireland in the distribution of itheir products and services to other financial advisers and financial institutions.