Second Opinion Review

Second Opinion Review

Over the years we have got requests from existing clients to review financial products – investments, pensions, savings and life assurance – held by themselves, family or friends.

In some cases we have also been asked by legal firms assisting plaintiffs or defendants in cases involving financial fraud or negligence to investigate unusual situations.

The Value in Getting A Second Opinion

In our review work we find that we identify issues that either the client or their advisor may not have taken in account in either the suitability of the financial product or the possible outcomes that may arise in future.

Financial Fraud And Negligence

From time to time, we have been engaged as an expert in many legal cases involving advisory fraud or financial negligence.

While most of this this type of work involves engagement by plaintiffs or their legal representatives we have also been engaged by professional indemnity insurers who wish to get an independent perspective of a particular issue that they may have insured.

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As one of Ireland’s leading financial planning firms there’s very little we haven’t encountered to help our clients prepare for. Our experience, technical knowledge and willingness to see things from your perspective means that whatever you have in mind for you and your family’s future we can help you plan the best way to get there.
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What The Aspire Life Plan™ Provides

We look for more than the financial facts and need to understand what shapes your goals and aspirations and how you want to live your future life.
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We are a fee based financial planning firm. This means that we can focus on delivering the best advice for our clients needs and aren’t compromised by ties to financial product providers such as investment companies and pension providers.
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