Being the breadwinner for your family carries with it huge responsibilities while you are working and potentially a loss of income, not to say stress, when you cannot work especially in the event of major illness.

Most people are unaware of the fact that the State Illness Benefit is €203.00 per week or €336.70 per week in total if there is a dependent adult. This equates to only €10,556 p.a. or €17,508.40 p.a. For most employed people this would represent a significant drop in income.

For the self employed, however, no such benefit is available if you are unfortunate enough to be sick and unable to work.

What many self employed and those who are employed but whose employer does not pay while they are out of work do not know is that it is possible to insure this income shortfall in the event of illness up until the point in time when you return to work.

Like all insurances, there are terms and conditions that you need to be aware and for further information you can ring us directly on 01-8455827 (+353 1 8455827 for international enquiries) or email us at

In the meantime you might like to use our calculator below to see how much income protection cover you should consider putting in place for your personal circumstances as well as seeing the maximum amount that insurers will offer cover for.



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