An integral part of any financial plan is to ensure that there are always sufficient assets to give effect to the goals and dreams of the client. While long term accumulation of investments and clearance of loans will result in the achievement of most long term goals, it requires the individual to be either alive or in good health to fund such outcomes.

In order to counter any possibility of dying too early or being ill for too long, the role of insurance is vital to provide an emergency fund for the individual, their family or their business.

This is not a simple case of buying an insurance policy. At times, a broker’s relationship with insurance company underwriters is vitally important where the health of the prospective insured is not ideal to either obtaining cover or purchasing it at the lowest rate possible.

Depending on the cover required, specific products may  also need to be used in preference to others and the selection of such requires an experienced perspective as well as a fulsome knowledge of the market place.

As one of Ireland’s leading financial planners with over 40 years direct experience in operating in the broking community we have the necessary connections, skillsets and knowledge to arrange covers for our clients irrespective of whether they need cover for themselves or their business. Our services cover the following:






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