Because the requirements of our clients are unique, it is difficult to quote a “one size fits all” fee as much will depend on, usually, very specific requirements.

Where a transaction involves an investment or pension product clients can choose to remunerate us on a fee or commission basis. Typically we find that how much we charge depends on a combination of time,  case difficulty and urgency of the client circumstances in overcoming specific issues.

Where protection products are purchased by clients we find that most clients prefer to let us be remunerated by way of commission as fees typically add substantially to the immediate cost of product purchases with usually only a marginal reduction in annual premium costs. This being said, we can charge fees if preferred by the client in lieu of commission.

Our charge out rate is €350 per hour for a Financial Planner and €80 per hour for Support Staff to which VAT may be added depending on the specific advice.












Eamon Porter, trading as Aspire Wealth Management, is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.