We are authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland to act as a Deposit Broker and give advice in respect of deposits.

Many of clients hold substantial personal monies on deposit with a range of banks and seek our advice on such matters from time to time. In advising our clients we not only take into account their own personal circumstances but we also consider the various interest rates on offer as well as the financial stability of the bank itself.

We also advise many pension funds on the various deposit options open to them especially in the context of protecting investment gains prior to a pension scheme member retiring.

As a fee based adviser we do not have commission arrangements with any banks so that you can be confident that we are not compromised in advising clients to retain funds with any particular financial institution merely so that we can earn an income from it. Where our advice is sought in such matters we simply charge clients a fee directly for the advice.

If you need advice on what way your bank deposits should be arranged and which institution provides the best secuity you can ring us directly on 01-8455827 (+353 1 8455827 for international enquiries) or email us at info@www.aspire-wealth.com










Eamon Porter, trading as Aspire Wealth Management, is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.