Protecting You, Your Family & Your Business

Whether it’s because of a lack of willingness to acknowledge our human frailties of possible illness and impending mortality or a lack of foresight to think through the impact that these situations might generate many people fail to financially protect themselves.

A key component of any financial plan is to make sure that if you don’t have sufficient funds saved or invested for unforeseen events is that you insure the financial consequences that may arise in either your personal life or, if you have one, your business.

Providing For Your Family

Our approach to this perspective is to always advise our clients that they need to have access to an adequate income at all times through their own endeavours, accumulated wealth, personal insurance or State Support. Similarly, families need protection especially those who are dependent upon and may be vulnerable to the loss of a bread winner.

After all, what is the point in having dreams and goals for a family only to see them curtailed or even ended dramatically when the source of funding is no longer alive or in good health?


Businesses Need To Be Protected Too

Businesses are likewise dependent on the welfare of their employees and business

  • A key person to the organisation may be responsible for the generation of specific financial contributions, the development of a new product or the retention of profitable clients. If they die, an income stream may die with them.
  • In the event of the death of a shareholder in a business it may be more beneficial to both next of kin and the surviving business owners for the deceased’s shareholding to be bought out by the company.

Protecting Your Employees And Their Families

Considerate employers who have the best interests of their employees at heart often arrange Group Risk Protection Cover which pay out a lump sum as a multiple of their salary to the next of kin or a replacement of income against the effects of a long term illness or a major accident.

Protecting Your

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