This page is a repository of Sunday Times articles quoting or written by Eamon Porter.



7th June 2015 – Remember the tiger before taking bull market by the horns

3rd May 2015 – Employing a top-notch financial adviser is money well spent

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10th February 2013 – Focus on Steady Saving For an Income That Will Sustain You

27th January 2013 – Getting Investment Portfolio Right is Delicate Balancing Act

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5th June 2011 – Why We Should Rethink Our Old Ideas on Risk and Ageing

13th April 2008 – Protection Can Weigh You Down

16th March 2008 – Is ISEQ’s Basement Full Of Good Deals

9th March 2008 – How To Make A Wise Investment

24th February 2008 – Time To Appreciate Your Assets

3rd February 2008 – Funds Urge Nervous Investors To Hold On

6th January 2008 – Ways To Make A Profit In 2008

29th November 2007 – Cash In On The Right Advice

14th October 2007 – Property That’s Not For Sharing

30th September 2007 – Investors Enticed By Enlarged Tax Shelter

5th August 2007 – How To Make A Million

17th June 2007 – Profit When Shares Fall

29th April 2007 – Hit The Lump Sum Jackpot

1st April 2007 – Wake Up That Sleepy Pension

25th February 2007 – Escape The SSIA Exit Trap