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Well what do you do?

Were you ever at some event or other which didn’t involve people who worked in your industry and you get asked by people who never met you before: “Well, what do you do?” I have to admit that, as someone who is not as outgoing as most people, I used to find this question somewhat awkward, even though I am self employed and my business depends on growth through new client relationships. Despite being involved

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The “What If” Scenarios? Financial Plans Are Far More Important Than Financial Products

As a financial planning firm we get involved in a lot of sophisticated financial analysis. We crunch numbers in spreadsheets and similar tools with the same passion as kids (and now more recently many adults) play video games. Sad you might say that we prefer Excel to the latest Playstation or Xbox release but the reality is this is what our clients expect. If we can’t get excited about our clients finances, then we shouldn’t

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Dumb Things Finance People Say

The more that I earn my livelihood from financial services the more I see the same commentary appear again and again. Call me a cynic but it’s about time that the financial media be it print, TV or digital copped itself on and stopped trying to sensationalise basic issues. With the advent of reality TV, the move to reality investment market TV leaves, at times, the likes of the X Factor and Big Brother  in the shade. Every

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The Six Deadly Sins Of Investing

I have been helping clients make investment decisions for over 25 years and it never ceases to amaze me how the adage of  “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” still applies – the more things change, the more things stay the same. In all this time I have experienced the investment stresses of the USA’s Savings and Loans crisis of the late 1980s, Black Monday in 1987, the  Russian Financial Crisis in 1998 followed

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Get Rich Quick – How to spot a scam!

One of the advantages of the Celtic Tiger, apart from everybody more or less carrying on as if the good times would last forever, is that investors learned that greed does not pay. Sooner or later, there is a price to pay. For those that can restart their lives eventually there were a few lessons to be learnt, the least of which was realising that if something looks too good to be true, it ALWAYS is!

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Why You Should Ignore Expert Advice When It Comes To Investing

Recently while reading the Sunday papers I came across an article which contained summary views from a number of financial advisers and investment managers on what readers should be investing in going forward. The article was typical of what usually appears in the printed media at every year end/January with a view to what investors should be doing over the coming year. On reflection, this type of article occurs throughout the year with perhaps more

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The World Is Coming To An End ……Again.

There is no doubt that listening to and reading the various media commentary in the last 2 weeks regarding the Chinese economy and stock market one could be forgiven for thinking that the world is coming to an end and that personal wealth positions are being eliminated. The reason why this commentary strikes a chord with the general public is the apparent truth in the numbers being quoted such as “the market has fallen by

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Got Any Tips From The Shoeshine Boy?

Since the low point of the last equity bear market – February 2009 – world stock markets have almost tripled in value. Irish investors have had the added bonus of the Euro falling in value over the same period which, in turn, has added up to 20% in currency gains on foreign investments. Huge gains no matter what way you look at things. So is this a sign of further things to come? Maybe, maybe not.

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Financial Issues To Watch For On Divorce

Marriage breakups are rarely easy and once the decisions surrounding child custody and access has been agreed upon,  focus turns to the financial issues of asset splitting, debt ownership and family maintenance.  In such a highly charged environment, emotions tend to run high which is why having a Financial Planner involved before final agreement, can prove invaluable, either as a neutral party to the breakup process, or as an adviser to one side. In many

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Should I Buy Property Now?

In the last month I have been asked this question six or seven times by different people – clients as well as total strangers. “It’s looking cheap”, they say. “It must be a bargain now with prices so low. What do you think?” Like everything beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Irish property has, unfortunately, been beholden by an awful lot of people in the past. But is there value now available to investors?

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