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Plan Now for A Comfortable Retirement

As experienced Financial Planners we have become skilled in assisting our clients plan for their eventual retirement. A comfortable Old Age is not, however, just about having a pension plan, even though this may be part of the solution. Clever planning for retirement can assist greatly by: 1. Building Sufficient Savings & Investments Once you retire you will need to ensure that you will have a source of sufficient income for the rest of your

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Why Pension Funding In Ireland Is Even More Important Than Ever

Recently I helped a new client, of US citizenship, aged 28 and a full time worker in Ireland, set up a personal pension for herself. She wanted to make sure that her own retirement funding which she started in previous employments, also in Ireland, was continued. We chatted about pension funding in general and she was surprised that Irish people in their twenties didn’t treat it as seriously as she and her other American nationals do where

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What To Do With Cash!

Stock markets are now at all time highs. Who would have thought that we would be saying that after the Global Financial Crisis back in 2008. Surely equity markets are now toppy? Many investors who went to cash around then have been too frightened to come back into the market in the intervening period and are now only considering re-entering after an almost 200% gain in stock prices. If anything this sounds like a classic

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Personal Finance – It’s More Personal, than Finance

Have you ever given advice to a member of your family, a friend or a co-worker or even a total stranger? Of course you have, everybody does it. We do it partly out of trying to be helpful but we also do it sometimes because it makes us feel important. We have an agenda. People who write blogs or columns like this similarly have an ulterior motive. Sometimes it is to promote a product, sometimes

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Time Not Timing Is The Real Issue. The Behaviour Gap Impact.

It’s amazing. Some years ago it was considered normal if you talked at dinner parties or in the pub about what you invested in and how much wealth you had as a result. With the Celtic Tiger bust, this had become a topic that was taboo. Nevertheless with stockmarkets hitting all time highs in recent weeks the discussion of wealth has hit centre stage again not only in Ireland but also in global financial media

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The Society of Financial Planners of Ireland – Why It’s Needed!

As a founding member of the Society of Financial Planners of Ireland I am truly delighted to see increased media coverage of our fledgling organisation. This delight extends not from the ego trip that one might think such a name check might get but from the financial media’s recognition that far higher professional standards in the area of personal financial advice are needed in Ireland. Unfortunately the minimum standard that exists in Ireland to give personal

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How To Pick The Right Financial Adviser For You

Irrespective of the professional service that we might look to engage, most people select those who they seek advice from on the basis of a “gut feeling” that the person eventually selected will do a good job. This is no different irrespective of the profession from tradesmen to architects, doctors to engineers and accountants to travel consultants. Such gut feeling is either reflective of someone else’s referral or the fact that there is something about

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What Is Your “I”?

As someone who is in the investment advisory arena for more years than I actually care to remember I am often asked, by clients and financial media alike, what investments would I recommend to potential investors. My answer is always the same – None! My reason for such a statement is that there is no such thing as a standard investment client. Everybody is different by virtue of their family circumstances, their need for capital and or income,

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Should The Elderly Be Less Conservative Investors?

There is a broad approach among investment advisers that as a client becomes older they should be advised to become less risk orientated in their investments. This is partly driven by the thought of “how would I advise my parents?” and partly driven by fear of the Financial Regulator finding fault with an adviser’s investment process. Since we would always want to care for our own kin, therefore why should we treat elderly non-family any

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How Safe Is Safe?

A question I get asked quite frequently, even in today’s economy, is: ” Is my money safe?” There is no doubt that the level of distrust and incredulity that was directed towards banks after the Celtic Tiger crisis had turned a once sacred cow into a national pariah. And from that, depositors feared for their own account balances like never before. The ongoing, but necessary, rationalisation and merging of the whole banking system has only served to

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