Picture of Eamon Porter, of Aspire Wealth Management | Financial planners, Dublin

Eamon Porter

Firstly a word on what we are NOT.

We are neither Financial ‘Advisers’ nor Financial ‘Consultants’, which are euphemisms for people who earn their living from the sales commission of life assurance, pension or investment products.

We are, however, FINANCIAL PLANNERS who start with who the client is and what drives their thinking before we even start to discuss any financial product.

Hi, I’m Eamon Porter, Principal of Aspire Wealth Management. With over 40 years experience, I know that unless we see life from our clients’ eyes we cannot understand their way of thinking and we don’t deserve their trust, respect and engagement as their adviser.

The Aspire Wealth Mentoring Program, our unique process, is especially designed to meet a broad range of our clients’ needs so that they can plan for what is really important to them and when it is really important to them. Of course, we also arrange investments, pension plans, savings, life assurance and finance. These are just products that we may eventually put in place for our clients – they will, from time to time, form part of the solution for clients’ needs.

We are regularly engaged on a fee-only basis as Expert Witness in legal cases that have been taken against former financial advisers or financial product providers. Our Expert Opinion is also sought on the technical structure of multi-million euro investment portfolios, retirement arrangements and insurer product holdings.

An area of particular expertise that we have developed is that of Group Risk Assurance where employers sponsor life assurance, income protection and specified illness covers as an employee benefit. Because of our experience, direct relationships with underwriters and our advanced use of technology we have been able to produce savings of up to 20% of the relevant premium while still enhancing the level of cover offered.

Our client list has been built up steadily by personal and professional referrals and we only deal with clients who are prepared to be committed to their own financial well being. Our advice means nothing unless our clients are prepared to act on it.