Planning for your retirement isn’t about selecting an insurer based pension contract or a self administered pension contract. What it’s really about is anticipating the future value of your assets and liabilities, and then analysing whether the net income will be sufficient to meet your expenses in old age.

From our experience, retirement planning is usually one of the last financial issues that people think about despite the fact that  having inadequate pension funds can seriously affect their future lifestyle once they eventually retire. The pension savings fund that you accumulate throughout your working life directly influences the choices open to you in retirement, whether it is specific holiday plans, clearing the mortgage or just having a decent standard of living at a time in your life that you should enjoy it.

Our pension planning process involves an in-depth analysis of not only your current pension arrangements  but also those related to past employments as well as your entitlement, if at all, to State Old Age Retirement Benefits.

Because your pension is a form of investment we apply the same rigorous approach to your pension review as we do to any other investment you might have. By targeting specific funding levels we work with you to ensure that the risks that your funds are exposed to are appropriate at all times and in line with your own personal financial plan.

Depending on our client requirements we utilise either bespoke Self Administered Pension Arrangements or Insurance Company products to help them achieve their retirement goals. The issues of tax relief on contributions, tax free investment growth and tax free lump sum payments on retirement are also uppermost in our advice as is the need to maximise pension contributions.

In many cases we have helped our clients to consolidate multiple pension funds from previous employments allowing them to manage their retirement funds more effectively as well as ensuring that the most appropriate investment strategy is used.

A recent article by the Irish Times relating to retirement planning can be found at the following link:

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While we always advocate individual advice you can use our pension calculator below to see how much additional funding you may need to undertake from this point onwards.