Marriage breakups are at the very least straining and, in the worst case, extremely upsetting. Apart from the emotional issues, the tasks of identifying assets and then applying the correct financial strategy to use going forward are ones that are very important but quite often get lost in the rush to separate.

We work very closely with a number of solicitors providing advice for their clients, often women, who find themselves having to deal with financial matters, many for the first time. While going through the divorce process, they may have to make decisions about their financial settlement that include the seemingly complex area of pension sharing options. There may also be issues around ensuring that maintenance payments continue should the ex-spouse die.

For some time after the divorce, clients may need help finding their way through the financial maze – how much income do I need, what does the house cost to run, what do I need in an emergency, will I ever be able to retire?

Our focus on what is right for the client starts with validating that all the relevant assets have been disclosed by our clients former partner and then moves to establishing a projected lifetime cashflow assessment. This is undertaken before our clients complete any formal Judical Separation documentation or Pension Adjustment Orders.

In some cases, we have established that incomplete disclosure of assets was made by the opposing party. With all, at the very least, we have helped our clients understand their real long term cashflow needs going forward helping them to negotiate better settlement terms.

Please see recent Irish Times article relating to the financial fall out of Divorce below:


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