Because the requirements of our clients are unique, it is difficult to quote a “one size fits all” fee. Typically we find that how much we charge depends on a combination of time,  case difficulty and urgency of the client circumstances in overcoming specific issues.

Our financial planning fees range from a minimum of €1,500 up to €5,000 (plus VAT) depending on the complexity of specific personal circumstances. For this our clients receive, as a minimum:

  1. An up to date Net Worth Statement showing the full extent of all assets and liabilities.
  2. A full analysis of the financial products that they currently have or need assessed including value for money, risk v reward overview as well as the likely after tax capital and income stream.
  3. A Lifetime Cashflow Projection which shows a possible outcome of the income from their assets and expense from their lifestyle.
  4. An assessment of the required investment rate of return needed to fulfil their stated goals
  5. An appraisal of their own approach to financial matters including investment risk propensity, investment risk tolerance, spending habits, goal setting and adherence to goals as well as levels of trust.
  6. Recommendations for improvements in their own financial standing.

From time to time we are required to undertake once off assessment of specific issues. Our charge out rate is €350 per hour for a Financial Planner and €80 per hour for Support Staff to which VAT may be added depending on the specific type of advice.