Entitlement to Social Insurance Benefits

Benefit Entitlement Class A
Class S
Self Employed & Company Directors
Jobseekers Benefit Yes No
Illness Benefit Yes No
Invalidity Pension Yes No
State Pension (Transition) Yes No
State Pension (Contributory) Yes Yes
Widow(er)’s contributory Pension Yes Yes

PRSI Rates and Benefits from January 2020





*4.0% on all income


4.0% on all income



(incl. 0.7% Training levy)


* Employees earning less than €352 pw are exempt from PRSI. From 2014 PRSI will be payable on rental income, dividends and interest on deposits and savings (self employed already liable).In 2013 the minimum level of annual PRSI contribution from the self-employed increased from €253 to €500.

Weekly Benefits 2020

State Pension (Contributory)/(Transition) – Personal RatePersonal + Adult dependant over 66Personal + Adult dependant under 66




Widow/Widowers Contributory Pension (under 66)


Invalidity Pension– Personal RatePerson + Adult dependant under 66



Illness/Jobseekers Benefit– Personal RatePerson + Adult dependant



Increases for each Dependant Child– Old Age Retirement, Invalidity Pension Disability & Unemployment BenefitWidow/Widower’s Pension




 From 1/1/2012, the first 36 days of Illness Benefit each year are no longer tax free.


Child Benefit (Children’s Allowance) 2020

1, 2 and 3rd  child:€ 140 per month per child [€1680 pa per child]


Disclaimer: Eamon Porter trading as Aspire Wealth Management accepts no responsibility for any of the information contained herein. The information listed above was correct at the time of preparation (October 2019), and is based  on the Budget 2020 Statement – January 2020.