Fees for Financial Planning Services

We are a fee based financial planning firm.

This means that we can focus on delivering the best advice for our clients’ needs and aren’t compromised by ties to financial product providers such as investment companies and pension providers. We also arrange financial products for our clients and can get paid arrangement commission payments for such products. As required by our regulator, the Central Bank of Ireland of Ireland, further details of any commission payments are available here: 

Commissions Payments

Fee for Financial Planning Review

The fee for conducting a Financial Planning Review is a minimum of €3,000 plus VAT. This fee may be increased in some circumstances depending on the client background but this will be confirmed to the client before any work is carried out.

The agreed fee must be paid in two equal parts, the first of which is due after the first client meeting has taken place to the firm. The balance of the fee is due when the financial report is finalised. The reason for the interim payment is to reflect the substantial work that takes place by the firm up to and including the first client meeting.

Upon receipt of the report, duly paid, the client is free to engage other professional third parties for such elements of action as the client sees fit. Apart from legal and tax advisers this may include other advisers who may arrange financial products.

Hourly Fee for Reviews

From time to time a client for whom a once off financial planning review was conducted may require infrequent reviews. Our charge for these reviews will be on the basis of an Hourly Rate of €350 plus VAT. The time charged will include time for meeting preparation and analysis, the meeting itself and the time involved in producing meeting minutes or report.

In the event, however, that the client engages the firm to arrange an investment or lump sum pension directly as a recommendation from their personal financial plan, the payment of the above mentioned financial planning fee will be taken into consideration and applied as a deduction against the charges for the arrangement of such financial product, including any possible commission payments for such products. 

Fee for Divorce Financial Planning

For Divorce Financial Planning matters, we offer a service of an independent review before the Family Law Court proceedings take place.

Depending on the level of engagement required our fee may vary but will always be costed and advised to potential clients before any work commences.

All Other Financial Advice Service Fees

For Post-Divorce Financial Planning our formal Financial Planning Review fee of €3,000 plus VAT applies

    Where we are engaged to:
  • Evaluate Potential Redundancy Options
  • Provide a Second Opinion Review, or
  • Conduct a Financial Review for Non-Nationals

our fee may vary but will always be costed and advised to potential clients before any work commences.

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