For Expert Witness work we apply the following charges, to which VAT will be added:

  1. Production of an Expert Witness Report for use in briefing Counsel – Minimum Fee €5,000. This is based on the review of one Lever Arch sized file. Where there are multiple files to be examined, additional fees may be charged but will be agreed in advance before work on the production of a report is commenced.
  2. Meetings including expert witness group meetings as well as specific meetings to brief clients – €350 per hour. In addition, other costs such as travel, accommodation and office expenses may be chargeable but all costs including fees will be agreed in advance before any such work is commenced
  3. Stand By Fee. Should our services be required to give Court evidence a Standby Fee of €1,000 per day or part thereof will be chargeable
  4. Where evidence is actually given in Court, the hourly rate of €350 will apply subject to a minimum rate of €1,000.

From time to time we are required to undertake once off assessment of other specific issues which does not entail Expert Witness work. Depending on the project a specific fee will be quoted in advance. Any other time commitments outside of this project work will be chargeable at €350 for Principal and €80 for Support Staff to which VAT will be added depending on the specific service.