Expert Witness & Opinion

As a result of our standing within the financial services arena we have developed a legal-based financial analysis service that is used to prepare Expert Witness reports for use in Court cases by both plaintiffs and defendants including Professional Indemnity insurers. Cases for which we have producted reports have involved products as diverse as Subordinated Loans to Tracker Bonds and Private Loans through to Pension Arrangement structures.

Our Expert Opinion has also been sought on the “fine print” analysis of  topics ranging from client concerns as to whether they should continue to hold large investment positions in With Profit Bonds to whether a client has rights under a policy’s terms and conditions so as to determine if a financial product has been mis-sold.

If you are a legal professional who has a requirement for expert opinion , are considering taking personal legal action or need a second opinion on a technical matter please ring us directly on 01-8455827 (+353 1 8455827 for international enquiries) or email us at

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