By Failing To Prepare, You Are Preparing To Fail.

Benjamin Franklin (paraphrased later by Roy Keane and others).

Good financial planning is all about preparation, whether that’s knowing when various home expenses are due for payment or making sure you have enough to live on it retirement.

Preparing a financial plan can seem daunting especially if your personal circumstances appear complicated or if you’ve never done it before. But what you have to remember is that taking the time to make small changes to expenses or savings can add up substantially going forward.

As one of Ireland’s leading Financial Planners we take time to understand:

  1. Who the client is and what has shaped their outlook on life and financial matters.
  2. What their current financial position is and what this is likely to evolve into if unaltered.
  3. What goals and dreams they have for themselves and their families.

From this we identify what any client has to do to improve their overall financial worth by using not only indepth financial analysis but also by interacting with their legal and taxation and other advisers in issues that are conducive to their best interests.

Even when your own personal financial plan has been set up we will check with you 45 days after the last meeting when we implemented your plan to ensure that what has been arranged for you is what you expected to be arranged for you.