Irrespective of our clients circumstances, we find that the following steps are necessary for their own financial planning to be successful:

  1. Work with an experienced and professionally qualified financial planner.
  2. Set goals that are both measurable and achievable.
  3. Understand that financial decisions you might take have consequences for other financial issues.
  4. Revisit your original financial plan regularly – the initial draft is only the starting point.
  5. Start today – don’t procrastinate and leave financial planning for when you are older.
  6. Start with what you’ve got – financial planning isn’t just for the wealthy – the goal is to improve your own financial standing
  7. Be disciplined and take responsibility for your own affairs – no-one else can do that for you.
  8. Look at the big picture – financial planning is more than just a particular product purchase or immediate need. It is a lifelong process.
  9. Don’t confuse financial planning with investing. There are so many facets to a person’s life – investing is only one element.
  10. Speaking of investments, don’t expect unrealistic returns on specific investments and remember that potentially high return investments are also high risk investments. There is no such thing as a free lunch!
  11. Don’t wait until a family crisis to try to set up your own financial plan.